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We could be writing pages about yoga and our studio . We’d rather let you know what our students told us about their experience at 98point6 and why they keep coming:
The décor inspires me , I feel at peace
 I was self conscious about just wearing a  bath suit in front of strangers but the soft lighting made it less intimidating
I sweat during the class but my body weight is almost the same before and after class. I never fell dehydrated nor nauseous. On the contrary , I lost 10 pounds in a  month practicing 5 times a week. 
My focus in school has increased so much
I wanted all the benefits of hot yoga and Bikram yoga but I only have an hour to do yoga. 
I got more than I bargained for. I started to tone my body and gain flexibility. Then my whole personality changed. My wife was so impressed she joined.  Our couple is stronger than ever now. 
I love the one hour class. I just get off the highway on the way home. Easy parking. Get in get out. For an hour I am not in charge!  I just get energized .
My tennis carpal syndrome was gone after 3 months of practice.
All that personal attention has helped me improve my form, my flexibility, and my balance tremendously.
I finally found a studio where  students are asked to respect their peer's practice  by showing up on time 
The rates are so affordable; I had no idea I could get so much for such a reasonable amount of money.
Facing menopause I was having mood swings and anxiety attacks. Since I started to practice I feel physically and emotionally much stronger.
I heard from the owner Philippe’s classes from patients at the Betty Ford center who raved about it. When he opened a studio in the silicon valley,  I Flowchart: Document: Flowchart: Document: Text Box: BARGAINS
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Oval Callout: Two weeks intro $35

Yoga at 98point6°


Our  yoga classes are all-level classes, welcoming beginners through advanced practitioners. No matter their  level, all students improve their flexibility, strength , stamina endurance through a regular practice. Focus and determination improve as the mind body connection grows each yoga class. 

Side benefits may range from sleep regulation, weight control, muscle toning, bone density increase , prevention of arthritis, substance addiction relief…As you’ll feel better  your mind will progressively slide to a more peaceful state. 

The  yoga room is gently heated to a mellow symbiotic 98.6 F to limber your body. Mild sudation also allows for release of toxins and internal cleansing without leading to electrolytes depletion.

The class consists of a series of 26 postures (asana) .Under the guidance of certified hatha yoga instructors each student’s balance, strength and flexibility improves at their own pace. More details…..


98point6° Yoga mission


Our mission is to make the practice of heated hatha  yoga and all its benefits accessible to a larger public.

We believe students thrive and practices improve when each student is offered enough floor space and the right amount of attention  in a human size studio.

We also believe in group synergy: Students feel stronger when supported  by a lively yoga community.

We believe that mild heat (98.6 degrees) is a facilitator as excessive heat can be a deterrent. 





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Oval Callout: Students Summer Special $70/mth Unlimited  !!!!!
Oval Callout: Noon, 6 am class $10 only

The amazingly refreshing hot yoga ....