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Yoga: Myths and Realities

The word YOGA comes from the Sanskrit YUJ (union). This discipline teaches a person to experience inner peace by controlling and uniting the body and mind…
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8 Yoga life-changing facts

The Yoga Alliance has put together definitive yoga beneficial facts: better sleep cycles, weight loss, increased flexibility,substance addiction control… Western science is starting to provide some concrete clues as to hot how yoga works to improve health…Read More

Why choose 98.6 Yoga?

Although we are a boutique yoga studio, we offer top quality amenities only found in large franchised yoga studios. Because we are independently owned we offer a variety of yoga styles in a one hour format: Bikram yoga style “hot yoga”) Hot Vinyasa yoga, Restorative (Yin yoga), Ashtanga yoga . All our classes are all levels : yoga for beginners to advanced practitioners ..
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our customers say it best:
  • I encourage anyone I know struggling with weight, sleep and stress, and even those just bored with the regular gym routine to try this. I have managed to keep off 20lbs now for 2 years practicing four times a week the 60 minutes hot yoga class. Dropped 3 dress sizes. Feel considerably better with much more energy. Every time I travel back to London every single member of my family and friends comments on my 'new look'. –Manju Bh., Member since January 2012

  • One of the best hot yoga studio in the Bay area, and the only one I've found that does a 1-hour  full version of Bikram yoga. I love this studio and the instructors, and the heat is perfect for loosening up your muscles -- it's not at all punishing. This is alignment driven yoga for beginners as well as advanced yogis. It's a peaceful, beautiful studio. I've done yoga across the country and this is one of my favorite places. I highly recommend it.–Andrea R, Member since 2013

  • Best hot yoga studio I've been to...super clean and the rubber floors really keep out any odors! The unique 60 minutes Bikram yoga series is just the perfect length of is challenging; but not killing:-) The instructors give precise corrections that make a significant difference to your form and ultimately your flexibility. I particularly enjoy the different variations of some of the classic poses which help with better spine and hip flexibility. The bikram yoga candle-lit classes on Full moon Fridays are a special to the sounds of bells...simply divine!–Shalini W., member since December 2011

  • I heard some other patients at the Betty Ford Center raving about Philippe's class. When he opened a yoga studio in the silicon valley, I immediately  sign up for private classes.  I celebrated my first anniversary: 365 days clean!no alcohol, no drugs, 312 Yoga classes! –ex patient  Betty Ford Center, private client since 2011 

  • Suffering from Tennis Elbow, I was in constant pain. When the instructor asked me to progressively lay my body on top of my arms, I thought he was insane. He never pushed me badly but never let me drop off either. He patiently showed me the right technique. One year later my Tennis Elbow is gone.     –W.SB , Member since 2012

  • The studio is heated but not as hot as Bikram yoga studios, so the heat doesn't make tired or exhausted. Also its just for 60 minutes rather than 90, which is perfect for someone like me. The  hot yoga studio floor is not carpeted, so it doesn't get smelly and mildewy, it's covered with hard rubber that you most often see in the gym. – Kirty B , Member since 2012

  • I've been going to this hot yoga studio for over a year, and have found that my back feels so much better! The teachers provide personalized instructions. The  yoga studio is impeccably clean. A state of the art heating system keeps the  hot yoga studio temperature at  constant 98.6 F. – Janet B , Member since 2012

  • First time doing hot yoga and liked it. Can't wait for the next class.– Groupon customer, February 2013

  • Stand out experience. Love the pleasant smelling and clean studio. A+ for facility. Strong instructionGroupon customer, October 2012

  • This is first hot yoga experience and I am glad that I found this place. I have taken class for a month and has lost few pounds. All the Bikram Yoga certified Instructors are very helpful and  make me feel like that you are part of family. Try the hot Vinyasa yoga: lots of fun!  – Sean C, Member since 2014

  • I wanted to find a hot yoga studio that wasn't as hot as a Bikram yoga  studio. This studio has the perfect 98.6 degree temperature to increase your flexibility. This yoga will transform your body and your mind and open your heart. Don't be afraid of the heat or worry if you are not an advanced yoga practitioner!– Janice L , Member since 2013

  • I was already addicted to this studio 60 minutes Bikram yoga class so I tried an other of their hot yoga classes.  I love Manju hot vinyasa yoga classes;  from one pose to the the next for 60 minutes transforming it into what feels like a Power Yoga experience. –Shalini, member since December 2012

  • I came on a Groupon deal and ever since I took the first class I have been hooked The 60 minutes Bikram yoga class is for beginners all the way to advanced students because the instructor corrects everybody based on what level they are in the class.The studio has a  very calming atmosphere and I love coming here. –Chitra E, member since January 2013

  • The temperature in the studio is very bearable compared to other bikram yoga studios. In just few months of practice, I can feel lots of improvement in my stamina, flexibility and balance. You can tell right away when you walk into the studio  that this is very well maintained facility (no sweat, sock stench whatsoever - considering this is a hot yoga studio). I'm so glad to have such a top-notch yoga studio in my neighborhood.  –Hassiba C, member since February 2013

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